The Team

The ambition of NEURAM is reflected in the wide spread of interdisciplinary expertise of the consortium members. The consortium brings together leading academic and industrial partners, each of which has a distinct role or skill in the project.


Interdisciplinary project

European research efforts, unite!


Complex projects cannot be carried out in a single lab as it require expertiese in various fields. In this porject we pulled together an international team from the field of chemistry, physics, neuroscience, nanobiology, genetics and interdisciplinary research management. This page briefly describes the expertiese of each participants and the role in the project with links to the individual labs.


Chemistry Research Group led by Dr John S. Fossey University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
Catalysis and Recognition for Life and Sustainability NEURAM’s chemistry team resides in the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham. Dr John S. Fossey heads up the group that specialises in synthetic chemistry for the development of new catalysts and sensors. The team brings the synthetic chemistry skills needed to provide nucleotide analogues with purpose-designed capabilities and features. These synthesised molecules, designed by the team, will enable the imaging of nucleic events in the state-of-the-art laboratories of the NEURAM project partners. The Chemistry team comprises of John (chemistry lead), Dr Huy Van Nguyen (senior postdoctoral research fellow), a PhD student (to be appointed) and Prof. James H. R. Tucker (collaborating scientist and artificial DNA expert).


Ferenc Mueller lab, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, Genetics

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Attila Sik lab, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, Project management & University of Pecs, Hungary, Neuroscience
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Miklos Veres lab, Wigner Institute, Budapest, Hungary, Physics
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Herwig Baier lab, Max Planck Institute, Munich, Germany, Neuroscience, Behavioral science
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Femtonics Ltd, Budapest, Hungary, Optics, microscopy
Femtonics is one of the most dynamically expanding manufacturers of two-photon laser scanning microscopy. We make unique, custom designed 2D systems and as a pioneer, we have introduced real-time 3D imaging technology to the market. By our modularity, each Femtonics microscope fits the researcher’s own needs and it can suit a wide variety of biological applications. Our other advantage is our multidisciplinary team which continually enhance and confirm the scientific applicability of our new developments