Transcription in zebrafish and mammalian neurons in culture and live brain



Transcription in live neurons

A multifaceted research to see gene transcription in live neurons


Herwig Baier's research group at Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany

The goal of our research is to understand how animal brains integrate the information about sensory inputs and internal state into behavioral responses. We will assess how Raman spectroscopy can be applied to monitor RNA transcription in the brain during behavioral tasks such as social interactions of zebrafish. More information about our researh is at the Institute's website.


Attila Sik's research group at University of Pecs in Pecs, Hungary

Our task is to decipher neuronal transcription at single gene level in mammalian cells. We use mouse neuronal cultures and in vivo preparations to visualize transcription. Our aim is to move to human brain cells by the end of the project. The second task of our group is to efficiently manage the project. We use an online project management platform Jira. His research group is going to be moved to Pecs (Hungary) from University of Birmingham (UK) in early 2017.